Our Consultants


Nigel Blagg Associates has achieved a national reputation for the quality, practicality and consistency of psychological assessments and reports. Our national network of more than 30 Chartered Psychologists - Educational, Counselling, Clinical and Forensic are carefully selected not only for their broad training and experience as Chartered Psychologists, but also on the basis of their particular knowledge and experience in child protection issues and the provision of expert witness services. Many of our psychologists have achieved the Certificate of Expert Witness Accreditation. Additionally all psychologists working with NBA are offered detailed in-house guidance and support in their role as an expert witness. In recent years we have expanded our team of associates to include a number of Specialist Social Workers and Therapists working alongside psychologists to provide a multi disciplinary approach to complex cases or to work independently on specific interventions. Our team of associates regularly exchange ideas about research, psychometrics, new approaches to assessment and treatment and changing legal requirements and continue to develop their expertise through ongoing professional training. All consultants are CRB checked. Please contact us for immediate advice on the suitability, availability and timescales of individual consultants to undertake specific assessments/interventions.

Join Our Team

If you are a fully qualified psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker or therapist with extensive experience relevant to Expert Witness work in Family proceedings, Private Case Law or Personal Injury Law, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please forward your detailed CV, specialisms, address and full contact details together with advice about your availability and willingness/flexibility to travel and work away from your home base to Dr Nigel Blagg, Managing Director and we will contact you.

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